got around to doing some Yoga..

and it ended up being this one,

My little lady joined in too so it was amusing.

I can feel this blog becoming something I wasn’t intending it to be, a daily blah blah about my days, which really are not that exciting, I’m currently looking out the window watching a squirrel run around! Pretty but not what I was thinking about when I started here, initial thoughts were to have posts about the things that really interest me, so I shall try not to be side tracked by my fluffy days, although with an iPhone I might be easily side tracked and who knows what fluff you may subject yourselves too. ;D

As I’m starting Yoga for probably the hundredth time, life does gets in the way, I thought I should put something up about it.

WHY Yoga?

I have lower back issues, I’d like to be bendy and feel the need to be more in touch with my soul which feels slightly separate from me but I still see/feel it with my peripheral vision.

I once read Quantum healing by Deepak Chopra, ( whom I have mixed feelings about)*Version*=1&*entries*=0

and a few stories struck home,  so here I am nearly 40 trying again before these bones decide to bend in half and I don’t get to stare at the clouds, which I do quite often and get questioned by it from little lady.

Off  to do some mumsie things

and possibly post later 🙂