Dabbling in Yoga

So I have started yoga, again!


Over the years I’ve done a week here, two there, maybe even lasted a full month! but now I am in a time of my life where I am really ready to take it further and commit to a practicing yoga on a regular basis, in fact I have been doing yoga since June everyday, I believe I have missed about three maybe four days, now I feel totally at odds with myself if I don’t do it once a day.

So this page will be my yoga journey,  for me it is not about weight loss! its the opposite, trust me I try to put weight on, I can eat anything pretty much, my teeth will fall out before I can gain weight! this journey for me is about finding inner strength, flexibility ( I cannot bend in half very well…at all!) peace of mine and self love, which I also combine with practising Reiki (I’m now level 2 🙂 )

once I have sorted out some sort of video/camera  and space, I will put pics/vids up.

Now financial circumstances being what they are I can not afford local classes here in London, so I look to YouTube.

I have searched through quite a lot of beginners videos and narrowed it down to several YouTubers that work for me.

For my more active stuff I like Ali Kamenova beautiful lady who has a lovely voice, which is a big thing, some videos I just can’t bare to watch because of the presenters voice.

another beautiful lady with a nice voice is Maris Aylward, her Yin Yoga is great:

Yin Yoga is definitely the one for me I absolutely love doing it :D, and will be exploring it in more depth.

Maris also has lots of other great videos which are regularly uploaded.

  Five Parks Yoga also very good, lovely grounds 😀


So I will hopefully see you around on this yoga journey of mine.

4/09/2016 😀

This mornings 60 min Yin Yoga, in my tiny room… time lapsed, down to 10 seconds 😀 alas it stopped recording halfway through!

yinyo … hope it works!…nope it doesn’t!…work in progress

In the mean time I’ve been watching Bernie Clark,

Really good explanations about postures, I have put his book about Yin yoga on my amazon wish list and will be purchasing it soon 😀