Love a bit of architecture

I do, it would of been my career choice if things went differently.
My love goes towards more traditional buildings, using traditional skills.
There are LOADS of new builds, mainly tower blocks, around me and I
can say I don’t like very much of it. New builds seem to be about getting as many people in to as small an area as possible, they lack that family/community feel, walking down the street meeting /chatting with your neighbours (saying that, I’ve lived in houses for years and never once spoken to my neighbours! but I like the idea of it)
Anyway while walking daft mutt I came across this building & took a few images of it, it has been renovated & now has a little bit of new mixed in with the old and I quite like it ๐Ÿ™‚ IMG_0186.JPG









Lucky soul

I realized something today, that I’ve known for a while and that is just how lucky I am.
I always felt like a lucky soul but over the last few months/years the things friends & family (& sometimes strangers) have done for me make me really appreciate what I have,
and that is love, in different ways.
They all make me smile whenever I think of them. I can be, not ungrateful, but more…mm, I’m not good at showing my gratitude, sometimes my thanks never feels enough, I intend to improve this somehow, I do send each and everyone of them my love and thanks almost every day. But that’s a mental thanks to them and the universe,
Because I wouldn’t have what I do have without them.


got around to doing some Yoga..

and it ended up being this one,

My little lady joined in tooย so it was amusing.

I can feel this blog becoming something I wasn’t intending it to be, a daily blah blah about my days, which really are not that exciting, I’m currently looking out the window watching a squirrel run around! Pretty but not what I was thinking about when I started here, initial thoughts were to have posts about the things that really interest me, so I shall try not to be side tracked by my fluffy days, although with an iPhone I might be easily side tracked and who knows what fluff you may subject yourselves too. ;D

As I’m starting Yoga for probably the hundredth time, life doesย gets in the way, I thought I should put something up about it.

WHY Yoga?

I have lower back issues,ย I’d like to be bendy and feel the need to be more in touch with my soul which feels slightly separate from me butย I still see/feel it with my peripheral vision.

I once read Quantum healing by Deepak Chopra, ( whom I have mixed feelings about)*Version*=1&*entries*=0

and a few stories struck home, ย so here I am nearly 40 trying again before these bones decide to bend in half and Iย don’t get to stare at the clouds, which I do quite often and get questioned by it from little lady.

Offย  to do some mumsie things

and possibly post later ๐Ÿ™‚

Two days late…

Here are a few pictures I took during our strolls back on the 24th.

The sun graced us with her loveliness, it was a nice chilled day.



So close to running away with this little fellow


SO it was a nice day, ending with Red Velvet Cupcakes and lots of loud music :D.

Back to today I have now spent longer just putting these few pics up than I wanted.

I am having newbie WordPress issues, Pics not going where I want, writing doing the same, sure I’ll figure it out, but now I don’t have time to try out a yoga video I wanted and I’m hungry :/

Being new at that too I thought I’d try out this video,

there is so much choice, but this guys voice doesn’t annoy me to much so thought I’d start there ๐Ÿ˜€