Pub chatter

I’m not pub lass, it is not my first thought when thinking about going out, most drunk people just get on my nerves and I want them to F off and leave me be, doesn’t help that I’m not a big drinker.
But a local pub does have GOOOD food so we had a Sunday lunch there.
Anyway I’m sitting there watching the people, families and friends all gathered in various groups, listening to the noise from their laughter & chatter in different languages…I sit there and think you all have sooo much to say, while I draw a total blank and have nothing to say, I just sit and watch…
Not much fun for companions, unless you like companionable silence. ……..
But I do enjoy people watching


At around 1:30am There was a whispering song of happy birthday drifting into my ears by little lady who decide to wake up, today I am 39, but inside I am probably about 17, I feel no different, although my skin tells me otherwise, with its lines creeping in and strange texture.
It really is just another day where my hair has other plans and kids take pictures of the cats butt hole and use it as my phone screen saver, ahh the laughter, now for the washing up! But the sun is shining so it’s a good day in my eyes

Misty misty

Ok so I’m in the woods
There are a million misty visions I can see that would make an awesome…I’m too old for that word but I have kids and use them as an excuse for all manner of things including my language.. Anyway I’m surrounded by autumnal beauty ( & a daft dog chasing birds) and wishing I had a better camera cause this iPhone just isn’t doing nature justice.